Sunday, April 27, 2008

My New Ride!

Check out my new ride! It's a 2008 silver Jeep Patriot. It looks just like the one pictured above. I liked Amber's Jeep so much that I had to get my own. It has half the motor Amber's has and none of the extras, but gets 28 mpg. I figured I'd get something that has 4x4, but drives nice on the road.

I need to install my Ham radio and get me a personalized plate with my call sign, but I know that if I do the latter Amber won't drive it OR in it. I guess that makes it "too nerdy".

It's only 1 more antenna. It's not like I'm going to put on 3 or 4 (yet).


Lola said...

SWEET!! Our SUV gets 17 mpg....looks like you have to drive me around from now on! I need to get groceries this afternoon, you can pick me up about 4!

Hey It's Di said...

That is hot! But don't think I'll trade you for my fancy van now. . nope I won't do it! I have such a sweet(and sexy) ride:D

petersons said...

Damn skippy! You won't see my face in the nerd-mobile w/ a ham radio plate AND several antennas. I'll have to go incognito for sure! (oooh, that's kind of hot!)

Busty LaRue said...

Mike's Trail Blazer has 21 antennas, and I still ride in that! Yeah, the call sign license plate might be nerdy, but I've seen a lot of those around lately. you'd definitely fit in with the crowd! As for the sweet new ride, I am TOTALLY JEALOUS! I wish we could buy the Saturn Aura you guys have on lot (the "tits version" as you guys call it). But alas, I am stuck having car envy.