Sunday, April 27, 2008

FREE Satellite Radio and $.01 Shipping! Best Deal EVER!!

Ever since we signed up with Sirius satellite a few weeks ago for Amber's Jeep. I have not listened to terrestrial radio ever since. I know I am missing Bob & Tom and Chunga, but I have a bunch of Comedy stations (they almost make you wreck from laughing so hard, ask Amber), and a station dedicated to "Hair" bands. They are virtually commercial free (you get a few commercials promoting other stations). Once you go to satellite you won't go back.

Now you can get a Sirius satellite radio, a $30 subscription card, and 1 cent shipping. Just to try out Sirius. Since that they are merging with XM things can only get better!

There is a $15 activation fee (your $30 card will cover it) and we pay $12.99/month. Additional radios are 1/2 that a month! I am getting one of these for my new ride!

Sirius Stratus 4 + vehicle kit + $30 gift card

Free shipping code: Freegroundship01

1 comment:

Hey It's Di said...

Is that like going black? And never going back? khee hee.

Great sales pitch there Bro.! I'm sure if Steve gets wind of this and the "Big Hair Band" thing he may just take the bate.. . I think I will try to keep his focus on his million knives right now.