Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ready to Dive

I finally purchased the last pieces that I needed to complete my diving gear. Now Mike and I can go diving. This coming Saturday we are planning on diving at the only place in Utah that lets you dive with sharks ( OK so they are only nurse sharks, but we are excited. Mike and I decided to purchase gear based on what "Tech" divers use. Tech divers use gear rated for extreme cold water and depth and use the older buoyancy devices like the tried and true wing that sits on a steel plate on your back, and not the jacket style used by most recreational divers today. I have also opted for the hose configuration that cave divers use, even though I have no desire to cave dive. It's funny talking to divers here that don't spend time on the diving message boards on the web because they automatically think I am going to go kill myself in a cave, or that I am a "Tech" diver when I talk to them about my set up. Little do they know that more and more divers are converting over to what I am using because it has less failure points and is simpler than traditional diving gear.

Anyway, my diving hood is very tight and i can barely turn my head sideways while wearing it. The suit I am wearing is one my father-in-law gave me. It has groovy yellow and red stripes by my feet (that's why my legs aren't in the photo).

BTW, my wing is more puncture resistant than Kevlar, so it will be harder for me to kill myself in a cave (It was on sale). lol


Lola said...

Whew hew! I love that picture....but I want to see the groovy stripes!

Neil said...

Hey! It doesn't matter how much research you do about your diving equipment..It isn't one dang bit of good, if it won't fit me.

In that case I guess it is just surface bobbing for me.

Sniff..."Oh Well" Dad

Neil said... and Mike stay out of caves and don't go anywhere that is dangerous and I have to worry about you. I am not sure that I want you to go under water either!!! Be sure not to eat for one hour before you go into the water....MUM

Hey It's Di said...

Oh, isn't dive gear all about the looks and not the function?

Red is a good color on you but all I can think is "Turtle". OK, I'm done. . don't drown or get eaten.

nicole hill said...

lets do a shoot!

Amber Kaye said...

GEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK Party of one!! All you need now is your Metal detector