Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do the Mario!

Come on! Come on! Let's Go! Do The Mario!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ninjas have other skills too

Sometimes after a hard day of being stealthy and killing people. Ninjas have to wind down too. What a better way to relieve stress than to knit your victim a nice sweater they can wear at their own funeral.

MMA&C T-Shirt ($17)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Annual Frog Release

For the last seven years in Salem I have been able to participate in the Annual Frog/Toad Release. It's where, each week during the summer I check my windows wells and find Frogs or Toads that have mysteriously made there way down into them and get them out and release them back into the pond nearby.

Usually I only find one, but this year I found two! They were found in window wells on opposite sides of the house. One looked at little skinny, but they were both big ones.

I was hoping to leave them on my parents front porch as a gift, but I was worried they would escape before they arrived home from their night out on the town.

Maybe next time...

Mo's Bacon Bar - Chocolate and Bacon together at last!

Not too long ago I was hoping that someone would take the two greatest flavors on earth and combine them into one uber-tastey snack and lo-and-behold, someone did just that. Chocolate with Applewood smoked Bacon. mmmmm

It tastes like you eat a hand full of M&Ms then throw in some Bacon bits. It's almost like a Crunch Bar, but instead of puffs you get bacon chunks.

The best part is after you are done eating a piece of it and all of the chocolate has dissolved you still get a bacon bit or two emerging from crevasses in your teeth. It's like having dessert twice!

These are pricey though, they sell around $6 a bar, but it's worth it for the experience.

Spicy Maya

A few days ago while on vacation I came across this yummy chocolate bar. I am a sucker of anything spicy and hot and when I saw that this chocolate bar had Cayenne Pepper in it. I just had to have a taste. Unfortunately it wasn't hot or spicy at all. It tasted like it had Cinnamon in it instead. My wife didn't like the initial taste of it, but she said the after taste was good.

I guess the Maya made chocolate with Cayenne.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Coming off hiatus

Sorry for the lack of posts the last month.I have been very busy with work and waiting in line for the Iphone 3g. I ended up spending 10 hours in line on launch day to get my my new Iphone. I just jailbroke my phone and I waiting for apps to be released for the new Iphone OS.

Anyway, expect more posts. I am still waiting for Google to release a blogspot app for the Iphone. I may be switching to Wordpress if nothing is announced soon.