Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dance Off with the Star Wars Stars 2008

This video is 5 minutes long. You'll get the idea if you watch maybe the first group, but then fast forward to about 3 minutes.

Advanced Open Water Diver

Last Saturday I completed my dives for my Advanced Open Water Diver Certification. I had to complete five dives in different areas of diving. I completed a Night Dive, a Deep Dive (a dive deeper than 60'), an Altitude Dive, a Wreck Dive and I completed a dive where I had to use underwater navigation using a compass.

The skills I learned helped me with my dive tonight in Salem Pond. The pond is only about 12-15' deep but the visibility was about 6 inches or less, unless you were at the very bottom where the visibility was 4'. My brother and I plotted a course to swim to the other side of the pond using our compasses. Once under the water I just focused on keeping my course, but sometime I would veer off a little because the visibility was so bad that I couldn't see my compass even if it was 2 inches in front of my mask.

Even though I didn't see anything except my compass the whole dive it was a dive none the less. Any dive is better than not diving at all.

Firefox 3 - Best Browser EVER!

If you haven't been using Firefox as your means to view the internet then I suggest you think again. Firefox 3 will take surfing the internet to a whole new level. It loads pages much faster than any browser. You'll think that your have a faster internet connection.

Firefox has also improved plugins that enhance the experience. Adblocker, Piclens, Download Helper, Nintendo games, etc..

Check it out www.firefox.com

Friday, June 13, 2008

Nintendo Wall Decals for the total Nerd.

Total nerds like me dream of they day when they can have a nerd room to themselves where they can store their magical items of Nerdiness, (I have a +3 Ham radio of communication), as well as have a place for their classic video game/arcade collection. What better way to decorate the Fortress of Nerditude, then with stick on wall decals to make you room appear like a level from Super Mario Bros, New Super Mario Bros, or Donkey Kong.

I am concerned though that these decals might clash with the disco floor and stripper pole that I also plan on having in my nerd lair. NAH!

Nintendo Wall Decals ($75)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The best holster doesn't carry a gun!

It carries a Coke! My sister-in-law picked this up for me during her last trip to Mexico. It has a snap to secure it to your belt and a strap on the bottom to tie it against your leg. Unfortunately the strap is too small for my monster thighs, but it just as well without it. This is perfect for the person on the go that doesn't want to have to hold their beverage while they are hanging out at a party, event, working etc...

There are a few sites that sell these here and there in different designs and materials (search beer holster). They even have one designed for the ladies!

Prices range around $20 for a basic holster and $35 for custom leather stamped holsters.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

MMMM Bacon.

Today my dreams came true when I was reading gizmodo.com, one of my favorite gadget blogs, and saw this thing of beauty. Canned bacon! There are 40-50 slices per can. That should be enough bacon to re-create my breakfast with the characters at Disneyland in post apocalyptic America. You could probably keep zombies at bay with this too.

It's a little more than $9 a can, but you have to buy a case, but that's nothing compared to power you will have over others when you possess tasty bacon after the world ends.

MREDepot (109.95)