Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Advanced Open Water Diver

Last Saturday I completed my dives for my Advanced Open Water Diver Certification. I had to complete five dives in different areas of diving. I completed a Night Dive, a Deep Dive (a dive deeper than 60'), an Altitude Dive, a Wreck Dive and I completed a dive where I had to use underwater navigation using a compass.

The skills I learned helped me with my dive tonight in Salem Pond. The pond is only about 12-15' deep but the visibility was about 6 inches or less, unless you were at the very bottom where the visibility was 4'. My brother and I plotted a course to swim to the other side of the pond using our compasses. Once under the water I just focused on keeping my course, but sometime I would veer off a little because the visibility was so bad that I couldn't see my compass even if it was 2 inches in front of my mask.

Even though I didn't see anything except my compass the whole dive it was a dive none the less. Any dive is better than not diving at all.


Lola said...

You won't catch me swimming (or diving) in the pond...but you probably will catch clamydia...and DIE!

Hey It's Di said...

Did you find any missing bodies at the bottom of that pond? How about my Barbie doll from 1974? Any luck with that?

Busty LaRue said...

So did you make Amber do a leech check? heh heh heh