Friday, May 30, 2008

The Second Amendment T-Shirt

I know the 18th century was a long time ago, but do we really need bear arms in this day and age?

Product Page ($18.99)

I hate it when this happens

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The List

I remember my Mom having one of these when I was younger. I can recall her telling me that I had made it on her list at least a few times. I don't think I ever really got off of it either. I tried looking for it while snooping through her house, but she must have taken it with her to Africa.

Anyway... Here's a link if you want your own. Sh** List $6.95

Hiked to the Y

Yesterday I hiked to the "Y" with my young men. It was a combined activity with the young women, but only 2 young women and 2 young women leaders showed up. We only had one of the 2 girls that really wanted to go, so the 2 young women leaders decided not to go (which is against policy to have girls go with boys with no female adult leaders). It just so happens that the young women are in charge of going caroling next month (yes, in July!) All of the young men decided that we will "conveniently" not show up.

We had a fun time anyway. It wasn't too hot and the hike down was harder on my legs than the hike up. I took my HAM radio up with me and made some contacts to new HAMs that were making their first transmissions while I was up there (it was new ham night at the Sheriff's Annex).

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Classes Have Begun

This last Tuesday our Scouts began their 2 week SCUBA class with Scuba Ted's in Springville. I had 11 boys sign up (5 priests and 6 teachers), plus 4 adults (John Petersen. Jed Gordon, Kurt Davis, Robert McDaniels). We has a total of 15 in our class. We were told that 4 others signed up to start classes that day, but then another Scout Crew signed up and they added them to that day also and they had another 6 or 8 boys. It was the largest group Scuba Ted's has ever had in the pool at one time. They had enough instructors so that there was one for every 5 - 6 people.

I chose to stay out of the pool because the chlorine was burning my eyes just standing on the edge and I figured that they had enough help. Tonight is their second class and they will be finished and ready for our Sand Hollow trip by the end of next week. They will be completing their Open Water dives in Sand Hollow Resevior mid June.

So far we have 20 people going on out Sand Hollow trip. The 15 that are taking the class right now plus, ME, my brother, Matt Clyde (he's going to be our camp cook) and John Billings. Almost everyone in the ward that is certified will be going down and diving with us.

It's going to be the best High Adventure yet!