Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ouch my Forehead!

Yesterday was Sage Riders and I had a blast. I arrived in Cherry Creek, Utah at 8:45am. I was told it would take 2 hours to get there, but it only took about an hour and 15 minutes from Salem. I even drove the speed limit (which is hard to do in my new Grand Cherokee with a HEMI). We didn't need to be there until 9:30 so I just relaxed in my Jeep where it was warm while it was overcast, cold and the wind was blowing outside. Other members of my UCARES group start showing up after me and we were given our assignments. I was assigned to be stationed at Checkpoint 5 on loop 2. It happened to be the last checkpoint before the finish the line. The race didn't even start until 11:00pm so I had time to hang out and help point riders where they needed to go whether it was for an exhaust check or registration. The wind was blowing dirt all around and all of the bikes were kicking up tons of dust too. I had to keep cleaning off my sunglasses so I could see. I also had to keep my mouth shut because I could feel the dirt grinding in my teeth. My lips were chapping so I used some chapstick, but instead of helping cure my chapped lips all it did was give a place for all of the flying dust to stick to.

Once the race started and we headed to our checkpoint I set up a larger antenna to communicate with Net Control and sat down for some lunch. Not too long, riders started coming through out checkpoint and it was a pretty uneventful day where I was at. It never really warmed up and the sun never came out, but close to the end of the race I noticed that my forehead felt a little sore. I wasn't sure if it was because my face was so dry from the wind or if I ended up getting a sunburn through the clouds and through the 5 inches of dust on my face. The other guys at the checkpoint didn't notice any redness so I didn't really think about it til I got home and Amber told me my face was really red. I guess I got fried.

Today my face doesn't look really red, but it hurts when I raise my eyebrows. Luckily I had a hoodie on so my balding head didn't get burned.

Here's a pic of my large red forehead:


Hey It's Di said...

Wow! You are sporting my favorite color red! On your forehead! (cool I rhymed:) Anyway, I think you still have a little dirt under your nose and on your chin area from the flying dust. Your welcome! heh heh

Lola said...

That sounds like a really fun time! If you like sitting in the freezing cold, with dusty lips, and a fried forehead!

Neil said...

I think that the sisters just about summed it up. You must be Nerdy to love to do what you did. Love the red face. Thanks for posting it for me. Have Amber kiss it better......MUM

Lynsey Lou knee deep in poo said...

My Nose is that same color from an adventure on my in-laws 4 wheelers out in simpson springs where we also froze our butts off. ummm k bye.

petersons said...

All I read was blah, blah, blah...I do nerdy things. :)