Friday, February 29, 2008

Fun With Amateur Radio!

Spring is here and my radio communcations duties are starting to ramp up. I will be doing radio for the Rex-Lee Run and Scouting for Food in March and the Sage Riders Motorcycle race in April.

A few weeks ago I was asked to be the Radio Operation Manager for the ARRL Field Day June 28-29. I know's it's Jana's birthday, but sh can have a party with a bunch of Nerds at the field day location. I am in charge of all of the promotion for this event and getting press releases and city officials to attend. I am not sure what city will be hosting the event this year, but I plan on getting alot of people to attend. You can even talk on the radio there without having your HAM license. (You'll be operating under my station ID)

This morning I was asked to be the Assistant Communications Coordinator for the 2008 Freedom Festival. I'm not sure what I will be in totally doing, but most likely it will be making sure we have sufficient radio operators for the Pre-Parade, Grand Parade and Fireworks also coordinating with Police and Ambulance so we are covered in the event there is an emergency.

Being a Nerd is alot of hard work, but can be rewarding and fun too!


Lola...again said...

Scott! You are my favorite Nerd!! .....and now you are becoming famous too!

Neil said...

I'm speechless.....I am so proud...It is making me verclempt!! We are really going to have a FUN summer...MUM

It's Just me! said...

Hey! Hot Pic of you scott! Especially in Grandpa Hill's hand-me down pants! HOT!!

Can I get your autograph? You are too cool/nerdy!