Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Nerdy Aquisition

Today a new addition was added to the Scott E Cheese's family. I aquired a nice "Treasure Chest" skill crane full of plush animals. I had to pick it up this morning from Trafalga. The previous owner had to get rid of it becuase Trafalga was doing their own cranes games from now on so I was the lucky man who aquired it.

The bottom of the container where the plush toys are was covered in the carcases of insects that must have gotten trapped and died in there, with the assistance of Colton, Jase and Mike we were able to win all of the animals and vacuum the bottom of the container (also the toys, since they had bug skeletons on them), now it's all clean and fully functioning..

I am not sure what I am going to put in it. I thought about installing a black light and putting in glow-in-the-dark items to win. OR install a dollar acceptor and put in expensive items like MMA shirts and such and charge $5 or $10 to play, then put it on location. Mike suggested I put SCUBA items in it (masks, snorkels, gloves) and put it in Scuba Teds for people to play... I told Mtchell and Avery that the toys they leave out in the front room will be added to the game and they will have to win them back to get them out.

I need to find a schematic on it since it currently requires $.50 to play and has a time limit of 15 seconds. I did find the potentiometer that controls the claw. Right now it grabs immediately after the crane begins to pull up (100% strength). If I change the setting to how it was when I got it (60%) the claw is slightly delayed in grabbing, thus making it harder to grab the items. There are other pots and dip switched that I don't know anything about, hance the need for the schematic. I guess i'll have to consult other nerds and see if they can help me find one.


It's Just me! said...

Awww Cheese! I wanted to win something BUG infested!! Takes half the fun away without!

But DANG I love the idea of kids toys laying around being abducted for "THE CLAW"!! I'll bring you some if you run out!

petersons said...

Thanks for putting my link on your page. I am definately NOT NERDY old man. It's sad that we live in the same house and blog to communicate.
P.S. I hate the crane game!!! It has no where to live here!!

It's Just me! said...

Hee Hee! I was first to comment on your blog! Do I get a free insect covered toy?? haha! You could at least put a link to ME on your blog and come visit??

Angel said...

Hey,how come I am not on you list of not so nerdy people? does that mean I"m a nerd. I added the peterson's link to my blog but unfortunatly it is some other peterson's blog. check it out it's not cool like yours.

Busty LaRue said...

I'm surprised Amber didn't kill you after you told her you bought it! hehe congrats on your new acquisition.

Neil said...

Your blog gets the best comments...It is really fun to come here. Beware..I think DAD is thinking of blogging..He has a great name for it, too!! MUM

Can't wait to come to Scotty-Cheese's and win something cool.