Friday, March 28, 2008

Useless Fact - 3-29-08

FACT: Uranus' orbital axis is tilted at 90 degrees.

"I've been studying Uranus quite a bit lately, and I've found out a lot of things about Uranus that I didn't know before. I'm going to take a bit of time away from my usual routine to discuss Uranus with you. If you're looking for comedy, you probably won't be very interested. Uranus can be funny, but it can also be serious. Maybe you'll learn something about Uranus, yourself.

Uranus is huge. You could easily fit a planet like Mars inside Uranus several times over. Scientists are unsure about the exact size of Uranus, but studies are happening all the time. There are people all over the world studying Uranus right now. In fact, somebody you know might very well be fanatic about Uranus.

Nobody is quite sure what's inside Uranus. There is a lot of gas around Uranus, and there is much speculation about the kinds of gas inside Uranus. There is a lot of methane in Uranus. In fact, Uranus is constantly expelling methane, and producing more to make up for it. The atmosphere around Uranus probably smells a lot like methane. These gases make Uranus very flammable.

On a clear night, you can see Uranus without a telescope. Uranus is blue. Personally, I think Uranus is beautiful, but Uranus is very far away. In the future, we will all be able to see Uranus a lot better. Technology will effectively enlarge Uranus.

I am simply obsessed with Uranus, I tell people about Uranus all the time and they look at Uranus too. If you ever come to talk to me, you'll probably find that the moment you turn to leave, I will be looking at Uranus. Sometimes people criticize me for looking at Uranus too much. As long as you don't mind me studying Uranus, we can be good friends. Personally I don't find anything wrong with looking at Uranus. I think everyone should study Uranus a little.

As technology will soon enable people to visit Uranus. I would love to get closer to Uranus. People would need to wear a special suit to approach Uranus, but they would have to be careful - if they get too close, they could actually get sucked into Uranus. Nobody would ever find a person inside Uranus. And if their suit broke, the gases around Uranus could be very harmful.

Some people don't understand what's so important about Uranus. They think Uranus is nothing special. Some think Uranus is just full of crap. They don't realize that a lot of interesting and important discoveries have come out of Uranus. Studying Uranus has brought people closer together. One day, Uranus will get the attention it deserves. One day, Uranus will be on everybody's lips."

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Neil said...

All of this useless informatioon might as well be on Uranus.

Hey It's Di said...

Why don't you just take Uranus and fly to the moon? I'm sure the gases would propel you there:) heehee!

Um, I just don't know what more to say other than I'm also interested in Uranus!

Lola said...

heee Heee Heee! I think uranus is really funny! I hope it is NEVER on my lips!!!

petersons said...

That was dumb.