Monday, March 17, 2008

Useless Fact - 3-17-08

FACT: 65% of all Elvis impersonators are of Asian decent.

"Rove me tender, Rove me sweet, Never ret me go. You have made my rife comprete, And I rove you so.

Rove me tender, Rove me true, Arr my dreams fulfirred. For my darrin I love you, And I arways wirr.

Rove me tender, Rove me rong, Take me to your heart. For its there that I berong, And werr never part.

Rove me tender, Rove me dear, Terr me you are mine. I'rr be yours through arr the years,
Tirr the end of time.

(When at rast my dreams come true , Darring this I know, Happiness wirr forrow you, Everywhere you go)."


It's Just me! said...

Now dat is rearry funny! Rike they rook rike Ervis anyway! (kind of sounded like Shaggy and not an Asian huh? heehee)

Neil said...

Scott....keep posting these useless facts.....I love Diana's comments!! They make me laugh.... alot...MUM