Monday, March 24, 2008

Rejected Star Wars Product #1

A long, long time ago (1999) in an office far, far away. Lucasarts and Pepsi got together and brainstormed on some promotional products. This is one of the rejects - A "Jabba the Hut Beanbag Chair". I have a Lovesac in my basement that is almost the perfect color for a "Jabba the Hutt" conversion. I would need at least another one or two more of the same size though.

Then, I just need to get my wife to wear a slave Leia costume and I'll be set!


It's Just me! said...

I can't believe that was rejected! What are people thinking? And I am pretty sure that if you convert your luv sack over that Amber will comply with dressing up too! NOT!

Neil said...

Oh, man, my eyelids are starting to quiver....I can't shut them!! MUM

petersons said...

Um, I think I would look more like Jabba's sister than slave Leah. Sorry. Plus, you're grossing out your mother.