Saturday, July 26, 2008

Annual Frog Release

For the last seven years in Salem I have been able to participate in the Annual Frog/Toad Release. It's where, each week during the summer I check my windows wells and find Frogs or Toads that have mysteriously made there way down into them and get them out and release them back into the pond nearby.

Usually I only find one, but this year I found two! They were found in window wells on opposite sides of the house. One looked at little skinny, but they were both big ones.

I was hoping to leave them on my parents front porch as a gift, but I was worried they would escape before they arrived home from their night out on the town.

Maybe next time...


Jana Nielson said...

WE got 2 frogs this year too!!

I gave you an award on my blog....mostly because of the bacon bar!

Neil said...

I am giving you an award too....for not putting the toads on our front porch. It wasn't too late when we got home though...50 years after SFHS graduation!! MUM

Joanna said...

Where the heck do the frogs come from? Do they hop out of the pond, through the across-the-street-neighbors' backyard, across the street, up your driveway and somehow fall down into your window wells? And where are Lola's frogs coming from?? What the heck?!

Hey It's Di said...

Yeah so it is apparently the Summer of the frogs. We've had a couple in our yard and then the other day while walking, this frog came croaking out at us from some people's yard. It was like a dog! Freaked me out to no end that's for sure:/

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